Hyper-V 2012 VM Error After Cluster Migration

During a recent cluster migration from Hyper-V 2008 R2 SP1 to Hyper-V 2012 (more on that another time) I ran into an interesting issue.


Everything was going well except some machines would not start in Failover Cluster Manager and oddly the machine was not visible in Hyper-V Manager. The following events were logged in the event log:

VM Issue Cluster Event Log

The message from event 21502:

‘VirtualMachineName Configuration’ failed to register the virtual machine with the virtual machine management service.

Event 1069:

Cluster resource ‘VirtualMachineName Configuration’ of type ‘Virtual Machine Configuration’ in clustered role ‘VirtualMachineName Resources’ failed.

Event 1205:

The Cluster service failed to bring clustered service or application ‘VirtualMachineName Resources’ completely online or offline. One or more resources may be in a failed state. This may impact the availability of the clustered service or application.

Event 1254:

Clustered role ‘VirtualMachineName Resources’ has exceeded its failover threshold.  It has exhausted the configured number of failover attempts within the failover period of time allotted to it and will be left in a failed state.  No additional attempts will be made to bring the role online or fail it over to another node in the cluster.  Please check the events associated with the failure.  After the issues causing the failure are resolved the role can be brought online manually or the cluster may attempt to bring it online again after the restart delay period.

Event 21502 obviously explains why the VM isn’t showing in Hyper-V Manager and also why it wasn’t possible to edit the settings of the machine:

VM Issue FCM Settings


In Failover Cluster Manager, right-click the VM and click Remove. This will return the machine in Hyper-V Manager however it still won’t start – you’ll get the following error:

VM Issue Hyper-V Start

Editing the settings of the VM will show that the configuration is invalid:

VM Issue Settings Config Invalid

Fix the network settings and the machine will start.

16 thoughts on “Hyper-V 2012 VM Error After Cluster Migration

  1. I’ve been having this exact problem with a few of the VMs I’m trying to migrate from a 2008R2SP1 cluster to a server 2012 cluster. Most of the VMs work, but a few are giving the error chain you listed, and the VM Configuration won’t come online. But I am confused by your solution.

    You state, “In Failover Cluster Manager, right-click the VM and click Remove. This will return the machine in Hyper-V Manager”

    But I don’t understand this. Won’t removing the VM in the Cluster Manager remove the VM configuration (so there is no configuration to edit in the next step?) Maybe I’m not understanding where/how in the Failover Cluster Manager you are removing the VM, since there are multiple places in the navigation where the VM, its configuration, and other resources are listed (under roles, nodes, etc.)

    • Hi Robert,

      Removing the VM in the Failover Cluster Manager MMC will remove the VM from the Failover Cluster configuration but it shouldn’t remove the VM or its configuration from the underlying Hyper-V configuration which you can view through the Hyper-V Manager MMC – indeed, this process is what causes the VM to reappear in the Hyper-V Manager console when it’s missing.

      Think of the failover clustering as a layer on top of the underlying service, in this case Hyper-V, rather than a direct modification of that service.

      Let me know how you get on or if you need any more help!

      • It still didn’t work for me. Possibly we were having different symptoms. After migrating the virtual machine via the wizard, masking, unmasking, and bringing the disk resources online in the 2012 cluster, when I would go to bring the configuration online, that’s when I would get the failure (same errors as above). So, the config never comes online (and nothing is shown in Hyper-V. Removing the VM (from the nodes branch, finding the current host, and right-clicking and choosing “remove”), removes the VM and config, and still nothing in Hyper-V.

        • You say that you removed the VM from the Nodes branch – have you tried removing the VM from the Roles branch? This is what I did originally and may be why you’re not seeing the same behaviour.

  2. I’ll try that next time. For this move, I ended up creating a new VM/config, masked, unmasked, and attached the drives to the new VM. I’ve got a couple more to migrate with the same issue, so I’ll comment here when I try it.

  3. Hi guys, just to add my experience I had had when migrating clusters from 2008R2 to 2012. I had a few VMs bring up a similar error following the cluster migration. In my case rather than removing from Failover Cluster Manager, I simply went via Hyper-V Manager and imported the VM using the register option. This kept all files intact on the CSV and it did complain about the NIC settings. Once corrected the VM fired up perfectly, while keeping all resources still in place via Failover Cluster Manager.

    Hope this helps anyone else stumbling across this post during a migration. Thanks to the author for documenting this, much appreciated.

  4. Had this very same issue whilst doing a storage migration of multiple VMs. Migration appeared to go OK and the VMs appeared online then at some point they lost their configuration. I had to remove as suggested and then do an “Import virtual machine” for each VM and then make them all highly available again.

    Thanks for the post it saved me a whole pile of misery.

  5. This article was a life saver. I’m using 2008 R2 Failover Cluster with CSV. One of the servers needed a new motherboard and after it was installed we had to redo the network settings, but they were set incorrectly causing the one server to not have a valid virtual network as the other server did. VMs that switched to the newly restored server failed and would not start. To fix the problem I was able to select “Manage Virtual Machine” in the Cluster Manager.. I didn’t have to delete it and re-add it.

  6. Thanks for this solution!

    I did not have the network problem described in that post but noticed a problem / incompatibility between dynamic RAM of 2012 and 2012 R2. You need to make sure that the minimum RAM is set to at least 32 MB….by default it is at 8 and all VMs fail….and you cannot edit their config!

    When I used the solution presented there, it did work but it left all my VMs in a non highly available state. To make the VMs HA….

    Inside FCM 2012 go to Roles >> Configure Role >> Next >> Select “Virtual Machine” >> Next >> Select whatever VMs you would like to make HA , you can select all if you want (that is what I did)>> Next >> (Almost instantly it finishes and shows a report.)

    I did have a problem with 1 of the 16 VMs I tried to make HA this way but that is another story. At least I was able to make 15 VMs HA almost immediately!
    I hope this helps someone.

    [Credit for letting me know this procedure goes to AJ]

  7. Had this happen twice (once today). Above indicates the virtual switch not being correct – which I have run into (despite selecting the new virtual switch). Another fix had been to go into the XML file on the CSV for the server – search for switch, and you will find an entry along the lines of (this is the second find of switch)
    start the role.

    Note: I have occasionally seen two of the XMLs (when migrating from one cluster to another) check the creation date for the correct XML to correct.

  8. Hey, thanks for this blog! Starting out migration from 2008 to 2012 R2 today with our first 2 test machines. Client already worried and the first VM does exactly this. The 2nd one worked. Thanks to you blog it took only a few seconds to get it fixed.

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  10. You saved my life, man! Had the exact same problem after migrating our two-node 2008 R2 cluster to 2012 R2, tonight…deleting the VMs from Failovercluster manager and fixing the NIC settings was all it took!

    Thanks again!

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