2012 Core APC PowerChute Network Shutdown

Hit an issue with APC PowerChute Network Shutdown on Windows Server 2012 Core running Hyper-V:

PowerChute cannot communicate with the Network Management Card

PCNS is NOT receiving the data from the NMC.

The client was successfully installing and the IP was registering on the NMC but PCNS wouldn’t connect.


Make sure that the firewall rule “PCNS NMC Communication Port (UDP 3052)” is enabled for all profiles, not just Public which is all that’s selected by default.

Here’s the full set of installation steps:

  1. Install the correct version of PCNS for Windows Server 2012 from the command line.
  2. Connect to the server via an MMC console using the Windows Firewall with Advanced Services snap-in.
  3. For each of the three PCNS rules, open properties, head to the Advanced tab and enable Private and Domain
  4. Connect to https://server:6547/
  5. Run through the configuration wizard as normal

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