HP IMC Firewall Rules

I use HP’s Intelligent Management Center a reasonable amount as I often install it as the NMS of choice for HP network deployments. As a result, I’m often caught by problems with things hitting the Windows Firewall and breaking.

Here’s a list of the exceptions that you need to add to the Windows Firewall for IMC. This list is incomplete but I’ll add to it as I find more:

Base Platform:

  • HTTPS – TCP 443 – This is assuming you’ve changed from the default of 8443 which I recommend
  • SNMP Traps – UDP 162 – <ServerInstallDir>\server\bin\imcfaultdm.exe
  • TFTP – <ServerInstallDir>\server\bin\tftpserver.exe – This fixes issues such as IMC not being able to back up HP ProCurve switch configurations

Wireless Services Manager [WSM]:

  • WLAN – (<ServerInstallDir>\server\bin\imcwlandm.exe) – This fixes a MSM not being able to connect to the Mobility Manager IP set in the Web Administration. For reference, this port is TCP 7668.

If you know of any others, please do let me know!


2014-01-17 – SNMP Traps